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House Replica

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3D house replicas created from photographs or renderings.  Prices range from $350 to $750, depending on the level of detail and complexity of the design. Please send a picture and message for a quote to

All houses are a minimum of 3 layers of wood and are at least 24" wide to allow for more opportunity to capture details.  Houses will be on a backer unless requested to be on a base for an additional charge.

Prices will vary due to the nature of the photo and complexity of the design.  All prices will be finalized on a quote basis once the photo has been received.

Simple with Minimal Detail: simple design, minimal siding, no brick or shakes, basic solid colors, no porch, etc

Simple with More Detail:  simple design, simple siding, standard porch, basic solid colors, etc

More Complex with moderate detail: more complex design, 1 type of siding, standard porch, minimal color variations

Intricate with elaborate detail (as pictured): more complex design, multiple sidings/textures, multiple color variations, 3D porch and roof line

Please allow 4-6 weeks for completion.