Custom Memory Stocking

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Commemorate a loved one or create a keepsake to pass along for generations with a custom memory stocking.

Stocking fronts are quilted and have a 4" cuff.

Finished stockings measure 16" tall by approx 11.5" wide (at the widest part, the toe).

Gather some of your favorite items and have a hand crafted, quilted stocking made.

3-4 items required but you may provide more.  If you only have a couple of items, that's ok, I can work with what you have and may offer some suggestions on finishing.

Need some ideas for creating a  memory stocking?

  • Use clothing from a baby's 1st year to make a childhood keepsake stocking.
  • Have stockings made for your kids from pieces of your wedding dress.
  • Create a commerative stocking out of a loved ones clothes that have passed.
  • Do you save favorite articles of clothing of your kids? Have a custom stocking made out of those items to gift them on their 18th birthday.

The ideas are limitless!

Stockong gifting suggestions: graduation, new baby, wedding gift, memory of a deceased loved one.

Items that can been used: t-shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas, polo shirts, dress shirts, baby outfits, blankets and sheets.

Stockings are prepared utilizing a combination of clothing pieces and quilt batting.

Local drop off/pickup available.  Please note:  stockings have a 2-4 week turnaround time from when your items are received by TheSamTCo.

All prices include the shipping cost of the finished product.  You pay to ship the whole, uncut shirts/items to TheSamTCo.

Special instructions:

  1. Pre-wash clothing prior to sending.
  2. Send whole items, do not cut clothing.  If they have already been cut, we can work with it, but please do not pre-cut them.
  3. It is recommended to ship your shirts in a vacuum sealed/large ziplock bag, finished items will be returned in the same bag (if vacuum sealed) or in a waterproof bag.
  4. A shipping address will be provided to you upon order.
  5. Please note that orders are significantly higher in preparation of graduation gifts and Christmas.
  6. Please allow 2-4 weeks for completion, upon TheSamTCo's receipt of all shirts/items.  Therefore; please ensure your order is placed approximately 6 weeks before you need it and all items are shipped to TheSamTCo to allow a maximum of 4 weeks turnaround time.  TheSamTCo is not responsible for any delay in processing due to shirts/clothing not being provided timely.

All stockings are prepared with a light stabilizing material behind each piece to prevent stretching during stitching.  You provide the clothing, we provide all additional materials required for preparation.

We look forward to working with you on this fun and memorable creation!

No refunds on this custom item.  Shipping is included in the price for continental US only.  Additional shipping will be calculated and required to be paid prior to delivery for deliveries outside of the continental US.