Memory Quilt Gallery

  • This beautiful quilt was gifted to a beloved principal by the PTA, for her retirement.  I thought this was the most thoughtful type of gift.
  • This wonderful quilt was gifted to a softball player, graduating from highschool.  It is so cool to see the jerseys get bigger as the years of playing pass.
  • This gorgeous gem was created for a lionfish hunter! Yes, you read that right.  The sweetest and funniest of souls sent me all of her beloved lionfish tournament shirts to have transformed into this one of a kind quilt!
  • A special gift for her sons.  My client's late husband was an avid Harley rider and his absence is strongly felt in their family.  She wanted to give something to her sons that would keep a part of him with them.
  • This was so, so fun!  A wife snuck her husband's box of old band shirts out of the house to have me create a this wonderful surprise for him.  I think her precious girls were just as excited as he was.  He had some pretty rad shirts!
  • Goodness!  These sweet girls!  Their parents really wanted to do something special for them after the last of the children graduated from high school.  Their quilts were created from volleyball, equestrian and even a slumber party birthday shirt.  The girls messaged me after they received their gifts and needless to say, my heart was beaming!
  • Talk about going all the way back!  This special piece was created for a very special girl out of all of her softball jerseys, from her very first to her very last!
  • My first band tshirt quilt!  For the guy who does everything for everyone else, he certainly deserved something incredibly special.  Crafted from local band and bar tshirts, this is definitely a one of a kind!
  • My first football memory quilt!  This quilt turned out absolutely stunning!  It was gifted to a guy from his parents as he wrapped up his first college football season.  His mom messaged me later to tell me that he had the quilt hanging up in his first apartment.
  • This memory quilt was created for an upstanding young man who was headed off to start his college football career.  Not only are there loads of football jerseys, there are also a couple of pieces to honor is late grandfather.
  • The mom of this football player contacted me several years before her son graduated about making a quilt for him.  Once he got settled in to start his college football career, they sent me a picture of his quilt on his dorm bed.  Things like that are so special to me.
  • My first volleyball quilt!  This quilt was created from a variety of high school and travel volleyball tournament shirts for a sweet young lady's high school graduation.  When she moved into her dorm, she sent me a picture of the quilt on her bed.
  • This quilt was created from a combination of lacrosse and missionary shirts.  This young lady was on a mission trip while I was creating this for her.  Her parents surprised her with it for her birthday.
  • I know you love those sorority tshirts!  This quilt turned out pretty cool with the pockets of each of the shirt sewn into the quilt.  A fun touch and a neat surprise!
A quilt created for my favorite football player!  In all of his years playing football, fan and team shirts were not really a thing.  So, what do you do when you don't have a shirt in your possession?  Make one!
  • My very first memory quilt!  This big guy was made especially for a lacrosse player from all of the jerseys and shirts his mom saved as well as camp shirts from throughout the years.  Such a fun eclectic mixture of shirts for this king size quilt!  His mom told me she envisioned him having picnics on it when he is an adult. So sweet!
  • These quilts were specially crafted for a sweet lady and her sister, made out of their grandmothers linen napkins.  They had to quilts made for the great granddaughter and a future great grandchild.