Memory Animal Gallery

  • These items were created for grandchildren and a great grandchild from a tote full of grandma's favorite shirts and sweaters.
  • This sweet owl was custom made for a newborn out of his late grandfather's shirt and late great grandfather's handkerchief. The precious babe is named after both men and his initials are OWL.
  • This sweet bear was created from the sweater of a lovely, treasured woman for her granddaughter.  The grandmother sadly passed away when her only granddaughter was just a baby.  One of the only pictures of them together, grandma was wearing this sweater.
  • This bear was created to commemorate a love lost too soon.
  • This sweet pup was created for a soccer coach that was retiring, made from some of the team jerseys.  The coach really wanted a puppy but her husband wasn't too keen on the idea, so her players thought a stuffed puppy was just what she needed!
  • These elephants were made from some of grandma's favorite shirts and given to her granddaughters. The bear was made from the shirt she always wore to her grandson's football games.
  • This bear was made from the shirt of a wonderful dad and given as a gift to his daughter, by her best friend.
  • This owl was made from the shirts of a best friend, for a best friend to keep her close at heart.
  • My very first memory quilt order was from a friend whose son was graduating from high school.  She ordered a king size quilt full of not only athletic shirts and jerseys but also camp shirts from when he was a little guy.  I surprised her with this unexpected keepsake, made from her son's childhood pajamas, crib sheet and romper.  I told her to hold on to it to pass on to her first grandchild.  We cried.