It's been a while....

Well, it's been a while since my last blog post - if I'm being real, it's been approximately 1,880 days.

As it has been for everyone else, 2020 has been quite topsy turvey! (is that how you spell it?)

When it became apparent in March that face masks were becoming a limited necessity, I thought ah! something I can do to help!  I watched a how to video on how to make a mask, sorted all of my fabric (starting with my remnants), posted a challenge to my friends on FB and committed to 100 masks for donation. Who knew that would turn into such a robust, rewarding and, if I'm being honest, benefit for my mental health during this time.

Who knew that I would be ending the year having made 3,346 masks within 9 months with 100s of orders to 48 US states and 3 international!

Every time I would post an update on Facebook & Instagram, I would think, I really should be blogging about all of this right now!  Some days were truly nuts and exciting and crazy and rewarding and and and...

During the process I have "met" some incredible people and have had the privilege and opportunity to do quite a bit of custom work via my memory line. Those projects are so incredibly meaningful to me and I feel so thankful that all the craziness of this year allowed those people to find their way to me.

I will not wait 1,880 days to blog again.💜

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